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California Notary License

Each year, changes in the law may and could affect your notary lisense or Notary Public commission. For information regarding any changes to existing laws or new laws  that directly affect filings made and business conducted within your juristiction of the Secretary of State’s office, please refer to the legislation.

Start your own business and learn how to obtain a Notary License or become a Notary Public in California 

About Notary Public

The Notary Public Section is responsible for:
•reviewing and approving course curriculum and issuing certificates of approval to notary public education vendors;
•appointing and commissioning qualified persons as notaries public for four-year terms;
•certifying to the authenticity of notaries public and public officials’ signatures;
•issuing permits to authorized seal manufacturers to produce notary public seals;
•maintaining and distributing a list of all authorized seal manufacturers to newly commissioned notaries public;
•enforcing laws related to the Child Support Enforcement Program, which provides for the suspension or revocation of commissions for noncompliance with child or family support orders; and
•investigating violations of notary public law and taking appropriate administrative or criminal disciplinary actions.

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