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Connecticut Notary License

Applying for Appointment as a Connecticut Notary Public

The following is provided as a quick and convenient source of general information about the appointment of Notaries Public in the State of Connecticut.   For more detailed information, please consult the Notary Public Manual on this web site.

Notary Public Information.

Link to information on becoming a Notary Public in the State of Connecticut
Open the Notary Public Application for Appointment (pdf format)
Open the Notary Public Manual (pdf format)
Link to other Notary Public forms
You can also request a Notary Public Manual and an Application for Appointment as a Notary Public by telephone at (860) 509-6232 (Automated Attendant) or by mail by writing to:

Connecticut Secretary of the State’s Office
Attention: LEAD/Notary Public Area
PO Box 150470
Hartford CT 06115-0470


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